The GOCCOPRO 100 digital screen printer brings screen printing into the digital age.


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From only £155 a month you can have a complete easy to use system.

Printing only 24 T-shirts can cover your costs.

We guarantee you will make money!

The five minute video below shows just how quick and easy it is.


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The GOCCOPRO 100 can make a print screen in minutes. Screen printing made easy. It is a brilliant solution you didn't know you needed. The screen print industry has not really moved on for many years, until now. This Screen Maker allows you to create a screen and stretch it onto a frame in five minutes. No messy chemicals, no screen making skills required no exposing in a dark room, no tricky emulsions, No film positives.


Print from a pdf of digital image from your PC or Mac and press print. Out pops a screen which can be stretched onto a frame and in five minutes you are printing T-shirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags or anything else you can think of. The GOCCOPRO 100 allows you to spend time on the printing, the fun/money making bit!


Traditional Screen printers will be amazed by the savings you can make in skilled labour and that, all precious time. The complete system will fit onto a desk top so no need for darkrooms or chemical rooms, baths etc. This is a simple system that makes light work of the front end of screen printing. The fun part, the printing is still the same and as for the cleaning up, its so easy. Take the screen from the frame put it in the bin and away you go with your next job.