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Picture Gallery


Here are some pictures of products printed using screens from the GOCCOPRO 100 and some general pictures

showing off the GOCCOPRO 100


White printed on black with a second colour overlaid on the eyes

Screen fine detail to t-shirt


Here is a little project we did with an Iphone. Iphones have great filters that save time when editing on your computer. We did one for a white background and one for a black backround


Above: A stunning image printed during a demo by our Italian distributor. Looks great.



Yellow skull Discharge Ink

This skull looks fantastic. Printed with waterbased ink it is smooth and light on the fabric.

Amazing halftone images


This Old Woody T-shirt shows how easy it is to print pictures with half tones......

Traditionally always a very difficult process to achieve with conventional screen printing.


Two colours sit perfectly together - no weeding here, Thank goodness

Matalic inks not a problem

Glitter gold ink .....looks amazing!!!!

Greyscales work perfectly


Halftone edgy artwork looks great.


light ink on dark coours


This picture does not do the image justice. White ink on a black t-shirt with amazing detail.


Screen Printed Names

Simple wording can be distressed and all that hidden detail shows up making your great designs look amazing.

Sometimes you want to keep it simple just as Ryans mum did. A foody T-shirt and Apron. Simple but effective

Shopper Bag

Two colour goccopro print on canvas shopper. Looks really good

Screen printed shopper bags