GOCCOPRO 100 Digital Screen Maker SRP £7,995.00 

The GOCCOPRO 100 is a digital screen maker that will take single or multi-colored artwork and digitally turn it into a screen ready to attach to a frame for screen printing. This is the ideal screen maker for rapid turn times since there is no need to coat, dry and expose your artwork before printing. You will not only save time, but also money because there is no need for emulsions, degreasers, exposure units, drying cabinets and copious amounts of tape. You can go from image on your computer screen to first printed garment in under 5 minutes. Now thats fast. Pinholes will be a thing of the past!!


Screen maker Starter pack.

GOCCOPRO 100 makes a master screen which you then stretch into a frame so you can print. From computer image to first printed garment form less than 5 minutes. Perfect for single colour but also suitable for multiple colours where close registration is not essential. Print size from 50x50mm to 270x440mm. You can print longer lengths with different frames.


This is what you get -


1 Roll of 120 mesh

1 Roll of 70 mesh

2 Clip Frame 39  - max print area 210 x 310mm

1 Clip Frame 55  - max print area 210 x 440mm

1 Roll of double sided tape

1 Roll of masking tape

1 Years warranty  Note if you are outside the UK the warranty requires returning equipment to base.

1 Years telephone online support

Note this is a self installation package.


You will need a method for curing your printed items which is not shown above. A Heat Press or Drying Tunnel.


PRICE INFORMATION - Full Retail price £7,995.00 plus delivery and VAT

Second year support contract £100.00


All consumables are held in our factory in the UK. Call 0131 654 4304 to order This is the screen master for GOCCOPRO 100.   Screen master length: 12 metre.   Screen master width: 320mm

Product Name


70 mesh per inch type

Ideal for textile printing such as T-shirts printing, printing names on towels, printing on wood, etc.


120 mesh per inch type

Ideal for textile printing. Well balanced for printing both fine text and solid images.


200 mesh per inch type

Ideal for fine detailed printing and very runny inks


Please note when using strong types of solvent ink, we recommend you do applicable matching test beforehand.



Original frames perfect for easy stretching of GOCCOPRO 100 screens.


HIGH TENSION FRAME is designed to give long life of the screen. You are able to apply high tension to the screen for secure printing. It also enables the largest printable area from a screen.

High Tension Frame GP-TW

This gives a print area of up to - 270mm x 490mm approx

          VIDEO DEMO          


SCREW FRAMES provide a secure strong grip to the screens but perhaps not as taught a tension as the High Tension frame. Easy to use and great for longer run lengths.

Frame 53  Screw       (Thick frame type / Screw fit) Inner dimensions 220mm x 530mm / 10.24" x 20.87".

This gives a print area of up to - 210x450mm approx.

Frame 42  Screw      (Thick frame type / Screw fit) Inner dimensions 220mm x 420mm / 10.24"x 16.54".

This gives a print area of up to -  210mm x 290mm approx.

          VIDEO DEMO          


CLIP FRAMES  brilliant for quick and easy short run printing jobs. The tension is good but prolonged use may see this diminish slightly. If you are in a hurry these are the screens to use.

Frame 55  Clip     (Thin frame type / Clip fit )Inner dimensions 240mm x 550mm / 11.02" x 21.65".

This gives a print area of up to - 230mm x 460mm approx.

Frame 39  Clip     (Thin frame type / Clip fit) Inner dimensions 240mm x 390mm / 11.02" x 15.35".

This gives a print area of up to - 230mm x 310mm approx.

          VIDEO DEMO          



Frame I2950  PIZZA     (Strong frame - Silican Beed Gripper) Inner dimensions 290mm x 500mm / 11.4" x 19.68".

This gives a print area of up to - 280mm x 440mm approx.

          VIDEO DEMO          




Product Name


Necessary for connecting the GOCCOPRO 100 with Macintosh.

RISO NETWORK CARD (TCP/IP, Ethernet:100BaseTX/10Base-T)

Necessary for network connection (LAN) and for connecting the GOCCOPRO 100 with Macintosh.





Making Time                  Approximately 105 seconds

                                      *When screen making length 16.5"/420mm and Frame 1                     

                                        (23.2"/590mm) are selected.


Image Area                    Minimum:0.39"/10mm (width) x 0.39"/10mm (length)

                                       Maximum:11.69"/297mm (width) x 31.5"/800mm (length)


Resolution                      600 dpi x 600 dpi (perforation density: 1200 dpi)


Main Unit Storage         128 MB


Supported OS                Windows®7 (32-bit/64-bit),

                                       Windows®XP (32-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit),

                                       Mac OS®X 10.4/10.5/10.6/10.7 (Options are required.)


Interface                       USB2.0 (Windows® only)


Power Supply              100-120V/3.0A, 220-240V/1.2A, 50-60Hz


Power Consumption     Approximately 200W


Main Unit                       Dimensions During use:

                                      23 13/16" (W) x 25 19/32" (D) x 15 5/32" (H)

                                      605 mm (W) x 650 mm (D) x 385 mm (H)


Weight                          Approximately 78lb / 35k


This digital screen making process is enviromentally friendly.

You can get more information just           CLICK HERE          


NOTE - after your initial years warrenty you can buy an annual telephone and technical support for £160.00

Service charges are £160.00 per hour or £120.00 per hour if you have the technical support package.

If you would like to find out more about any digital screen makers please get in touch using the information below

Tel:  07494 782 814 for more information.